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Banking and Insurance

We know Ways in which you can better utilize the Potential of your Employees

We love to solve problems. For our work with banks and insurance companies this means focusing on conflict management since we are particularly experienced in dealing with problems. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to your employees. The model on which our work in this regard is based is twofold – primarily the Harvard concept and secondarily biofeedback. Naturally you do not only have to deal with customers.

Of course, we are not only concerned with your customers. We also provide training for your sales force to enable them to communicate more effectively, both on the phone and in person. They learn to become good listeners – and therefore better salespeople.

We also know ways in which you can better utilize the potential of your employees – knowledge which is based on putting into practice research from modern neuro-science.

The success of your company depends on it's perceived value to the customer – and that can always be improved.

Weltkarte mit den Standorten in Deutschland (Fulda, Hannover), Mexiko, USA, China