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Sander, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Sander

»High customer expectations are an incentive for optimization processes.«

Wolfgang Sander gained experience over many years in the management of a German sports car manufacturer in North America, and in the parts and service business for various luxury brands in Puerto Rico and the U.S. One focus of Wolfgang Sander's work is in the area of quality management; he is one of the pioneers in introducing a TÜV-certified quality management system to a German premium brand in the U.S. His service training at a German sports car manufacturer in the U.S. made it several times to first place in the NADA rankings. In addition, by restructuring he succeeded in bringing the after-sales budgets of two automobile brands in Puerto Rico from annual million dollar losses back into the black.

Weltkarte mit den Standorten in Deutschland (Fulda, Hannover), Mexiko, USA, China