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Brain and Business

How Organizations can benefit from Neuroscience Research

Organisations which are primed for future success have one fundamental thing in common with the brain: Both demonstrate a high degree of adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances.

Understanding how the brain works provides us with the knowledge of what conditions need to exist for employees to be fully engaged. This is a necessary prerequisite for achieving a next higher level of performance. For organisations to successfully master the challenges of the future it is essential therefore to understand modern brain research. Consequently our approach for the development of leaders and employees is based on this knowledge. Furthermore we use modern technological developments to provide individuals with a personal experience of how the brain functions.


Methods which we use in both NeuroRiskManagement and NeuroLeadership are Neurofeedback, Mindfulness and NeuroCoaching.

These methods have an immediate unmitigated effect on the brain. Self-control and emotional regulation are basic to the effective functioning of the thinking brain – referred to as executive function.

The effectiveness of these methods on the ability for self-control and emotional regulation is well proven. These methods have been demonstrated to improve working memory, the ability for concentration and to enable a more balanced and less judgmental attitude. This has the additional benefit of a positive effect on general health and personal resilience. It may also counteract certain age related changes and it improves the ability for balanced decision making.

Example 2


NeuroLeadership is not a new leadership theory but rather it provides a new body of practice. The value of neuroscience for leadership lies in its transfer of insights from research into the daily practices of leaders which consequently leads them to a new perspective of what leadership is. This highly differentiated perspective, of course, also requires a quite different approach to leadership development.

We know that context and interactions between leaders and followers provide the key to understanding leadership. Long standing patterns of action and reaction ingrained in all of us of which we are largely unconscious lead to exchanges that have become automatic and repetitive. The task is to render these processes more conscious because only different interactions will lead to different outcomes. Understanding the way the brain works allows us to become aware of our automatic reactions and learn to override them if necessary thereby providing us with control over our actions. This means: Leaders have to learn to lead themselves in order to lead others. This look into the brain allows for new ways to develop both leaders and followers.

When thoughts and emotions remain unconscious they can block our thinking and manifest as mindsets. Rendering these mindsets – mental models – conscious by understanding the neuro physiological underpinnings allows us to overcome mental barriers and free the thinking brain to gain new insights and find novel solutions. This improves the quality of thinking and problem solving which is the basis for a higher level of performance.

Our Coaching and Training program

Together with our clients we develop customized NeuroLeadership programs based on current brain research which take into account the situation of the organisation and the specific challenges ahead.

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