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Personnel Assessment

Selection of the Most Suitable Candidates and Recognizing and Promoting Employees' Talents

HGS Concept supports companies in the selection and development of specialists and executives. Precise staffing and individual personnel development measures on the basis of suitability-related analyzes ensure optimal utilization of potential and thus contribute decisively to the efficiency of a company.

In the HGS expert team, industrial and business psychologists, and other specialists with many years of international experience, cooperate in the design and implementation of selection and development procedures for companies in different sectors.

The team consists of Dieter Barkowski, Sabine Daig, Monika Fäßle, Karin Halbritter, Bettina Klinger, Christoph Nesgen and Andreike Theis.

  • On the basis of a requirement analysis, the HGS Concept team designs a tailor-made selection process for applicants. It incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including competence-based interviews, relevant role-playing games, and also performance, skill and personality tests.
  • In addition, the experienced experts also present selection procedures, such as Assessment Centers, which have already been proven in the company.
  • The results provide a sound basis for the selection of the most suitable candidate for the vacant position.
  • Precise qualification measures are developed for targeted employee development and promotion. This is done on the basis of individual potential analysis.

Example 2

Recognizing and Promoting Employees' Talents

Especially in industries with high competitive pressure, such as in the automotive sector, employees are confronted with rapidly-changing requirements. At the same time, younger employees in particular place great importance on personal development, which is reflected in a high turnover rate. A tailor-made employee development plan on the basis of individual potential analysis gives employees:

  • Perspective through career development;

  • Motivation through professional and social qualification;

It is therefore a crucial factor in employee retention.

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