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We believe in sustainable personal Growth and the Desire to grow one’s Potential

We are an international company with office locations in Germany, China, Mexico and the USA. Our core business focuses on the training and coaching of sales and service organizations.

We believe in sustainable personal growth and the innate human desire to grow one’s potential. If you want to grow with us, please look at our job openings, become one of our freelancers or send us an unsolicited application.

Application Guidelines

HGS Concept is a company that takes your future seriously. We want you to grow with us. For this reason we select our future employees carefully. However, in order to succeed, we need your help in putting as much effort and thought as possible into your application, so that we can understand who you are and why you would like to work for us. We expect you to hand in an application package that consists of the following documents:

Weltkarte mit den Standorten in Deutschland (Fulda, Hannover), Mexiko, USA, China