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Instructional films, video protocols or animations

In training and coaching, video clips can be used in the form of classic instructional films, 3-D animations or short whiteboard animations, so-called explanatory films. Also a video camera for feedback purposes is often used.

Video: Training Management 2

Digital teaching and learning approaches are becoming more and more important in the corporate environment. The technological dynamics, the elimination of temporal and spatial barriers to learning and the associated personal responsibility of learners lead to changing learning processes and expectations. However, it is not enough to combine existing knowledge with the appropriate learning method. A lack of learning success is often a problem of motivation. It is impossible to teach a non-receptive mind – even if knowledge is bite-sized, the mouth must be open before information can be digested. In order to explore the limits and advantages of digital learning, the involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the design and development of new learning opportunities plays a central role.

Video: Support Your Workshop Manager!

As a car manufacturer, you can offer your sales partners experience-sharing workshops for workshop managers, which we at HGS can readily design and carry out for you. Are you the owner or manager of a car dealership, and would you like to take a closer look at your workshop processes? On the basis of an on-site analysis, we will work with you to design tailor-made processes.

Video: Neuroscience and Leadership

Understanding how the brain works provides us with the knowledge of what conditions need to exist for employees to be fully engaged. This is a necessary prerequisite for achieving a next higher level of performance. For organizations to successfully master the challenges of the future it is essential therefore to understand modern brain research. Consequently our approach for the development of leaders and employees is based on this knowledge.

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