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Feel, acknowledge, communicate: a training for socio-emotional competence

The more turbulent the times, the more we humans yearn for safety, closeness, esteem and recognition.

The more turbulent the times, the more we humans yearn for safety, closeness, esteem and recognition.


Globalization and digital change are rapidly bringing about major upheavals in the economy and society, so that it takes more than rules, processes and key figures to ensure and reproduce healthy coexistence. With all change, we still want to be perceived as a unique, individual subject, not as an object of recommendation machines.


The fulfillment of these basic needs in professional as well as in private life is a task for each individual person. It can not be outsourced or delegated. Gundula Schramm from HGS Concept says: "With our many years of intensive experience in adult education. we have a realistic picture of the part education can contribute to that". Therefore, the company deliberately refrains from any overload of professional training with social concerns. "However, we have repeatedly been asked questions about the 'how-to'.


Training participants now have discovered the answer in a specially designed training. A completely new approach? "Not necessarily," says Schramm. "Rather, the 4-module seminar series offers a space to rediscover what is already present, to uncover and to fuse the heterogeneous elements of human social behavior into a whole."


The participants, employees of an car manufacturer in South America, tap sources to strengthen their social-emotional competence by getting to know and dealing with knowledge and tools. In the second step, they go on a learning journey throughout their city: how successful companies in very different industries use key emotional skills and transfer the recipes for success to their own situation. The third module leads the way from theory to practical, project-based learning. Participants record real situations and analyze them individually with the coach. The evaluation of the training takes place in a fourth step.


"For companies that value optimal contact with employees and customers, an understanding of quality is important, which unites complementary approaches," explains the HGS Managing Director:


  • Connectivity and deep connection in real time
  • Big Data and intuition
  • Excellence and efficiency as well as meaning and purpose


"To live such a behavior in everyday life is above all one thing: exhausting. But if companies do not shy away from the effort and want to find out how to optimally prepare their staff for the future, we are looking forward meeting them", concludes Gundula Schramm.


Download the program brochure.

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