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Blended Learning: Three pillars of training under one roof

Trainee with headset and laptop, attending a Live Online Training

Self-study, live online training and classical classroom training: HGS Concept combines both proven and new learning methods into a complete Blended Learning package. In the area of virtual knowledge transfer the agency can turn to certified live online trainers. The success of the concept was proved at a recent training session for a premium automobile manufacturer.


Established for several years in the academic sector, live online training is now becoming increasingly important throughout the business world. This is not only because travel costs are saved and absence times reduced, but also because the short learning units in LOT increase the recall rate and there is time for more repetition, therefore resulting in deepening knowledge. In addition, it is much easier to make short-term adjustments of the content according to market conditions. Nevertheless, like many innovations, LOT has also been met with some reservations.


In order to exploit the benefits of blended learning, specially-trained coaches are required. In live online training both the attractive presentation of topics and "Socializing" play a much larger role than in conventional training formats. This is achieved, for example, through addressing each participant individually and often. A coach who takes into consideration the communicative and didactic nature of virtual learning environments will be able to convince and motivate even those participants who are more skeptical about virtual learning.


With HGS Concept, customers have a whole team of certified live online trainers at their disposal. Thus the agency provides all three pillars of Blended Learning under one roof. In this integrated learning approach a real-life classroom session is held at the start of the course, the purpose being to get acquainted and to prepare the technical pre-conditions for the LOT. After this kick-off the participants work independently on gaining the required knowledge. Through a prepared self-study program, they create the basis for the second step, the live online training. This is the time for comments, dis-agreements and discussions about what they have learned. All of this is expanded during the final classroom training, where the participants put what they’ve learned into practice, doing role-play, business cases and case discussions.


For example, during a seminar about key figures in Accident Damage Management, a discussion about defining those figures was at the center of the LOT session. The participants exchanged views on what basis the data collection methods are useful, how to interpret the values and to what extent their companies differ on these issues. Afterwards the results of this discussion were used to process a business case. By way of example the participants determined the untapped market potential for one dealership and created an action plan to exploit this resource.

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