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Into the Future on 2 Wheels

Motorcycling is a passion - a passion that enthusiasts pursue in a variety of ways. Motorcycle dealers operate their enterprises with just as much passion, if not more. This is more than business: they share this passion for riding and for motorbikes. That is the basic requirement, the DNA, the engine for success as it were. In order to turn this engine's performance into success, the transmission needs well-synchronized moving parts.

The growing demand of a brand-conscious clientele for products and quality relationships over the entire life cycle of their bike requires increasing profitability and professionalism in the future-oriented management of the business.

With our passion for motorcycling and over 15 years of experience in the motorbike industry, we advise, train and coach dealers and manufacturers. The focus here is sustainable profitability for the trader. This is reflected in the training for sales and after sales, as well as in our consultancy on corporate governance and profitability; it also includes the conception and monitoring of corporate transfers as part of succession planning.

Weltkarte mit den Standorten in Deutschland (Fulda, Hannover), Mexiko, USA, China